Wilkens Palms was originated in 1980 by Jim Wilkens, on a 1-acre piece of property in Cardiff by the Sea, California . Starting with liners purchased from professional palm seed proprietors, these liners were shifted into thousands of 1-gallon containers and raised for four years in a frost-free microclimate until they reached the 24-inch box size. The four original varieties of palms that he raised were the Queen Palm, King Palm, Kentia Palm, and the Robellini Palm.

In 1984 Wilkens Nursery expanded operations and opened a 5-acre nursery in San Pasqual Valley. It is at this time that inventory was increased to include the Mexican Fan Palm, Windmill Palm, and Sago Palm. San Pasqual Valley's climate, which is cooler than the desert and warmer than the coast, has proved to be optimum for raising palms, as evidenced by the fast growing, lush product that Wilkens Nursery produces.

Today, Wilkens Nursery consists of over 7 acres of land and 14 different varieties of palm trees. Jim and family have been serving San Diego County for over 25 years, and have retained the same mission statement since the day their doors opened for business. Wilkens Nursery is dedicated to providing their customers with healthy sun-grown palms and friendly, prompt service. The Wilkens family thanks you for your business and for taking the time to visit the site.


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